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VTSafetyNet is located in Chittenden County Vermont. Pull up a Map

VT SafetyNet
130 Pheasant Woods
Suite 200
Colchester, VT 05446

Phone: (802) 878-2444
Skype ID vtsafetynet

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Our Approach

  • We deliver a low-stress and learning-rich training environment using an engaging, student-centered teaching approach. Integrated instructional techniques target cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning. In class we build on video scenarios with hands-on practice in preparation for a skills assessment. This blend of seeing, hearing, doing, and speaking ensure comfort with the material, confidence, and skill mastery. Every class is tailored to match the varying educational and experience levels of the group. We provide personalized attention and flexibility that national providers cannot. Our commitment to outstanding service and training has been the key to our success.

VT SafetyNet started as CPR on-the-go in 2000 and focused on certifying doctors and nurses in need of CPR certification. As CPR on-the-go expanded, clients began asking for first aid classes. It was clear the name needed to change. While we teach outside the region occasionally, we focus on Vermont and wanted our name to reflect that. VT SafetyNet is a certified woman-owned small business. This certification allows business and organizations that receive federal monies to help reach their 3% goal of working with DBEs.

Tamara McLaughlin has a 20-year background in developing and delivering medically based training. She graduated from UVM and has extensive training in adult learning. She authored the Medic Manual, and co-authored the Health Care Assistant manual for PPNNE. She supervised a three-state medical center training team for 10 years and was the lead trainer for a 28-site medical software system deployment.

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