Do I need to arrive prior to the scheduled time ?
Yes. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class time to complete your certification paperwork.

What is the difference between a skill check and a regular course?
A Skill Check is the final step in the certification process for those that have completed the American Heart Association eLearning course. There is a separate fee for the skill check. Our classroom based courses include both the cognative and skill modules.

What should I bring to class?
Pen and paper, if you wish to take notes- there is no written test for most classes.
Comfortable clothing
Textbooks will be available at class

When will I receive my certification card?
At class conclusion after successful completion of the skills assessment.

When and how do I pay for my course/certification?
Individuals may pay by credit card online during registion or in cash at class. Personal checks are not accepted. VT SafetyNet will invoice employers for on-site group courses.

Will I be required to take a written test?
Our classes focus on demonstrating the skills learned. Many classes do not have a required written test. Without the worry of a written test many students are better able to focus on the skill practice. BLS for Healthcare Providers classes have a mandatory multiple-choice test.

May I bring food or drink to class?
You may bring a drink and nut-free food to most classes.

Will there be a break?
VT SafetyNet runs an efficient classroom, making the most of your time - breaks are limited. If you have a specific need that requires a break please contact VT SafetyNet prior to class. At the request of the employer/organization sponsoring the training, breaks can be added. This must be planned in advance and added to the overall class length.

Will my employer accept American Heart Association Certification?
Most employers accept AHA certification, and many employers require AHA certification. American Heart Association conducts most of the research and sets the CPR guidelines for other organizations.

Are all CPR certifications the same?
No. Beware of online CPR classes provided by unknown entities (even if they have a great website) as they are not accepted by most employers. These websites promise their certification is accepted nationally and enable you to print your certification card immediately. If there is not an in-person skill practice or skill check by an authorized instructor it is unlikely that it will be considered valid by most businesses/agencies/hospitals.

What if I don't pass the course?
Students may attend another class to build their skills, increase their confidence, and retake their skill check at no cost.

Is there an age requirement?
VT SafetyNet requires students to be at least 14 years old and be able to demonstrate the skills of CPR for certification. Our certification trainings are designed specifically for adult learners.

May I bring my children to class?
Our certification classes are fast paced and will demand your full attention. We ask that you leave your children at home. Nursing mothers that wish to bring their infant should call before class and speak to the instructor.

What if I lose my certification card?
Replacement cards can be purchased from VT SafetyNet. Please email VT SafetyNet and include the date and location of the class as well as the address to which you would like the card to be mailed. Payment for the new card can be made by going to the take-a-course tab and scrolling down to the listing for replacement card and following the prompts.