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HeartCode® BLS

(Hybrid Course)
Choose from 3 Flexible Training Options

At Your Location

Traditional classroom or hybrid learning options available with hands-on skill session at your location.

Hybrid Learning

Self-paced online learning class coupled with in person or virtual hands-on skill session.

Attend a Class

Attend a scheduled class at one of our locations. Traditional classroom or hybrid learning options available.

HeartCode® BLS is the American Heart Association’s hybrid learning delivery method for the BLS Provider course. Students first complete the online portion of HeartCode® BLS and then complete an in-person or virtual hands-on skills session with VT SafetyNet.

Note: The online course has a separate fee.

Step 1: AHA Online Course

  • Scene Safety & Assessment
  • Single Rescuer Adult, Child, & Infant CPR (Compressions and Breaths)
  • CPR Pocket Mask Use
  • AED Use
  • Bag Valve Mask Use
  • Team Rescue Adult, Child, & Infant BLS
  • Adult, Child, & Infant Relief from Choking
  • High-Performance CPR
  • Team Dynamics

Step 2: In-person or virtual hands-on skills session and skill check with VT SafetyNet to demonstrate all skills learned in the HeartCode® BLS online course. 

Important: Some other online courses promise their certification is accepted nationally and enable you to print your certification card immediately. However, if there is not an in-person skills practice and skill check conducted by an authorized instructor, it is unlikely that your certification card will be considered valid by most businesses/agencies/hospitals.

This course is designed for professional rescuers, nurses, EMTs, dentists, doctors, healthcare professionals, and their office staff.

There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Important: This class is for healthcare providers only and does not include first aid.  

Step 1
Length: 1 - 2 hours 
Purchase and Complete HeartCode® BLS Online Component

Step 2 
Length: 40 - 90 minutes
Schedule Skill Session with VT SafetyNet Instructor 
See our Calendar under the Upcoming Classes Tab

The American Heart Association HeartCode® BLS Certificate of Completion must be presented at the time of the skill session to receive certification.

New and Recertifying Students

Students will receive an American Heart Association certification card, which is valid for 2 years, immediately following successful completion of the skill session.