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Now Offering 3 Flexible Training Options

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Traditional classroom or hybrid learning option with a hands-on skill session at your location.

Blended Learning for CPR and First Aid Classes

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning begins with a self-paced online course followed by an in-person or virtual hands-on skill session.

CPR and First Aid Online Classes

Attend a Class

Attend a scheduled class at one of our locations. Traditional classroom or hybrid learning options available.

OSHA Compliant Expert Training

VT SafetyNet offers American Heart Association and American Red Cross CPR AED, First Aid, & BLS Provider classes that exceed the expectations of our clients. We ensure employees and employers are confident in their ability to perform in an emergency.

VT SafetyNet delivers industry leading training for healthcare facilities, construction companies, manufacturers, child care providers, fitness clubs, corporations, nonprofits, and anyone who desires to know how to respond in a medical emergency.


What our students say about our CPR Training

This was the first CPR class where I felt like I learned something. Tamara is an amazing instructor that takes an intense subject and makes it fun. Although I did not need it, I appreciated that she encouraged anyone that would like to stay and practice more to do so. She clearly cares about the people in her class and understands the importance of people feeling confident.

Working with Tamara has been a pleasure. We have always had a tough time coordinating a class and have even had an instructor no-show. Tamara made everything about the process easy. Thank you for taking the headache out of arranging a CPR class for my staff. I heard wonderful feedback from my staff! We will never work with another CPR company again.

I loved the blended learning option. I was able to take the majority of the class while my two year old was napping. The in-person skill session allowed for the perfect amount of practice.

I hope I never have to take a CPR class with a different instructor! Tamara is fantastic at what she does. She teaches with as much enthusiasm as if this were her first class, when I happen to know this was her fifth class this week (and it is only Wednesday).

I've taken many BLS courses. This class was the most informative and efficient I've ever attended. Our instructor could tell we were all seasoned professionals and kept us on task and the class flew by. Thank you for getting me back to my patients.

Wow! Tamara lugged all of the equipment in to teach our staff and knocked their socks off. She brought everything we could possibly need for a CPR AED and First Aid course, including her own projector and screen! I found it incredibly helpful to practice with an EPI pen. I always thought I knew what to do but now I actually know what to do. See you in two years!

This is definitely the most organized and most efficient BLS CPR course I've taken. I feel more confident with the idea of providing CPR in an emergency situation than I have felt in the past. Definitely recommend this course! Having my own mannequin and no down time was great.

Best CPR class I have ever taken in 24 years of being a nurse! Extremely well prepared. Course information was clearly relayed and explained.

Our instructor had the patience of a saint. She could tell I was nervous and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

Our instructor did an excellent job of presenting the information. Her stories were relevant to the information she was presenting. Her communication skills are excellent and her delivery was flawless, clearly demonstrating that she knows her stuff. The class was fast-paced and never boring.

I've been CPR certified twice before this class, and this was the first time I walked out truly confident in my knowledge of CPR. Part of that may be because I've had it twice before, but I think it was largely because the instructor explained it in a very simple and straightforward way.

I've always dreaded CPR, but Tamara's humor made the time pass quickly.

I have been a nurse for 30+ years, and I have had a lot of refresher CPR courses. This is by far the best course. The video was very informative, the instructor was direct, with humor and to the point. I loved this presentation and will most certainly recommend it to my colleagues. Thank you very much!

So thankful that our instructor, Tamara, was full of energy for this class. She kept us engaged and learning the whole time. By the end of class, we were prepared for both the exam and the real world!

This was a great class. The instructor was concise and easy to understand. Loved that it didn't take all day! Thank you very much!

Excellent course. Instructor keeps you engaged and informed. I perform CPR pretty regularly. Even being seasoned in CPR, I was kept alert and engaged during what normally would have been a mind-numbing class. This course is a very comprehensive CPR course. I would highly recommend this course to lay people as well as healthcare providers. Thank you for the class!

I loved how Tamara presented the material. She was very clear in showing us each technique. She helped each of us individually if needed. Will definitely take her class again.

Tamara kept things moving along. She covered a lot of material very efficiently but thoroughly. Thanks for making this necessary chore as enjoyable as you did. Great job! Keep up your good work.

This is by far the best Basic Life Support CPR class I have ever taken! Tamara is an outstanding instructor! The videos were very helpful, and equipment was clean and ready for use. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn CPR and AED use.

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